“This is my trophy
My gymming persist
Sweat, pain and commitment
Achieved…to get this”

Everything about fitness is a certain goal towards looking great, feeling buff, and most of all looking young .I wanted to share with all of you my secret of staying this way at my age . At the age of 17 …midway thru college I was approached by a man on the road insisting I should model…off course at that age u avoid all chatter with strange men..this guy just did not give up…for a few days he kept crossing my path and finally handed me his card…turned out to be one of the best photographers in the modelling career started there( off course with mom in tow for all my shoots).

This sudden catapult  into a glamour world was too exciting for me …a teen with a dream to be on the top.

That’s when I made a commitment to my body and mind that I’d dedicate my determination towards staying fit…all that at 17 …now I’m in my 40’s..mother of a 17 year old teenager…and damn glad at how I look .( don’t forget the sunscreen indoors and outdoors…lol)

It’s not only body …but mind too ..when it comes to positivity. Keep your head up towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.

Believe in yourself
Focus on your goals.
Love the body you live in
Remember fit is the eternal SEXY !!

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