HAIR straight vs curls


How do we wear our style and when? Straight vs curls….is the question.
Do we plan our hairstyle first and then the outfit or the other way around…to me it really doesn’t matter because I’m a last minute dresser..on the other hand hair takes more time ..
So it all depends on each one of us ..personally you have to be comfortable with what you it your hair or clothes and off course party location ..
I’ve learnt thru experience having my straight hair stick to my lip gloss at a recent poolside sundowner. ..uffff…it’s was so irritating.
At a house party and curls for the evening…I was shocked to see how much cat fur stuck on to my hair…(8 cats on the sofa).I guess if it was straight it would have smoothly slipped away..this venue definitely has my hair in a bun the next time
Any party that’s situated at a breezy location should have your hair in a neat ponytail.
Indoors ,for a red carpet with a cocktail dress curls are my choice …it’s just adds that 60’s touch that I love so much…sweaty clubbing and  dancing I’d go for straight .
In the end , it’s just got to be comfortable personally for each of us to handle.

Most important, with any hairstyle, is to wear the right attitude and you’ve got a winner!

4 thoughts on “HAIR straight vs curls

  1. Wow that was really helpful. I am sorta trying my hand on hairstyling. Though I dread it. I have a long peach gown to be worn on my brother’s reception. A-line waist down. And confused what hair would look good. I never do updos on formal occasions
    . Should I try? Or soft curls set Greek style


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