The feeling you get when you’re tying your hair in front of a mirror and you love the way your arms look….it certainly is pay back for all that sweat and hardwork at the gym.
As we women age, the concern is more focused on toning rather than building. The inner arm give away your age as fast as your neck and ladies ,even though biceps and  triceps seem like a man’s workout …lift them & curl them, 10 pounds without intimidation.
Size zero is totally not my number.

Keep your curves ladies , the 8 shape is the best . Good chest -thin waist- curvy hips will never go out of style…if you ever doubt this ….just ask the MEN !!

3 thoughts on “FITNESS

  1. Amen. Size zero is no number. Lol. Loving the inspiration. Yes I have a lot to tone up. And keep em curves. And I take you as my mentor and guide you. Lot’s of love. From one woman to a another amazing one. šŸ˜™


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