What is it with people these days ? Everyone who enters our lives has a reason, and it’s not a good one all the time . Manipulative, discerning, unethical , and with no fear of God these people continue to disturb peace in others do they sleep at night ?

We can forgive & forget..but we don’t want the other person to forget that we forgave.

Getting on with Vendetta is easy…hit the gym…pamper yourself at the salon..paint your talons and look so absolutely gorgeous, that the one lowlife really feels bad that they have lost out on a true friend like you. Being a good person makes you beautiful inside and out .

All in all, keep your confidence up, as that raises you to an unbeatable advantage. Do not ever stoop to a level like them and bitch or gossip, it won’t make you feel any better…raise yourself above them.

‘When you earn your bread well ,there are a lot of them lining up to butter it’….be aware and stay clear .

In the end it’s not about you and them , but it’s about you and God.

True friends will stand by you thru thick and thin, and are always there for you to lean on, in good times and bad. They know your good side and your bad side , and still love you anyways …keep them safe and close to your heart…because this breed of nice ones are slowly going extinct.

Stay blessed and stay true to yourself, and the ones that matter most.

One thought on “AGENDA & VENDETTA

  1. I teared up. Thank you for this. Everything you wrote is like a divine revelation. It’s true about the forgive and forget. I forgive too soon too easily. Been through some worse situations and I still can’t think ill. But forgetting part takes a lot of time. It’s definitely between you and God. Not for anyone but to be at peace.
    And this is the best vendetta ever. Gym! The motivation comes easy. Hahaha. And ofcourse pamper yourself. Look great and feel great!!!


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