The leading lady

You are your own star. The things that make you one, is an immense  belief in yourself. Why do we women get shaken when an untoward situation arises. To deal with this we got to understand ourselves first.
* You are a woman
* We are strong and don’t know it.
* We give birth thru so much pain.
* We educate ourselves to impart knowledge to the next generation .
* We make the next generation .
* Most of us start a family by leaving our parents home , that itself a new beginning.
* We constantly learn so that we can teach.

This is, by far, enough to give you  your sense of self worth. When others ask you what do u do ? Don’t get embarrassed. I feel very confident to tell them, I’m now a full time MOM . That, anyways feels like a 28 hour job with no pay ….but that feeling of knowing that your heart is full when you go to bed is unbeatable.

Nowadays…people seem to think it’s all about achievement. They mentally rate you .You can be an expert in a certain field, but at an interview most of us get intimidated by the other good looking  candidate. It’s sad, how ever so often, looks overtake academics . Someone once said ” talent can’t be spelt without T & A (Tits and ass )

To beat this ladies, the only weapon is  called confidence.

When I went for a job interview for Associate Director Sales, with one of the leading hotels, my hair was dyed orange.
I had to shoot for an ad campaign for a leading hair stylist at that time. I was in a real bad situation considering the time of events. When I arrived into a room full of formally dressed women …I got their eyes rolling. As my turn arrived ,  orange hair neatly braided up, the GM stared at me for about 3 minutes that seemed like an hour. That’s when I decided to wear my armour of confidence. After the relevant questions and qualifications review, he gently asked me about the hair . Still wearing the confidence, i smiled and said it will be normal in 2 days when my shoots was completed.
2 weeks Iater I  landed the job with hardly any F&B background ..but was so willing to learn and  confidence at its best, that I was hired .

So don’t ever forget this YOU ARE YOUR OWN LEADING LADY.

Confidence & being well groomed is a winning combination always.

Face to Base

As a gym enthusiast, I highly recommend everyone who excersises read this.

Ever so often, while you are doing your sets, you come face to Base with someone bending in front of you in transparent tights…ufff …that sight of thongs thru the tights are so damn embarrassing.
It’s throws the guys off concentration and leaves the ladies red-faced.

Ladies, when shopping for gym wear, there are a few points I’d like you to note.

Keep your inner clothes fitted as it holds your chest tight, so jumps and running doesn’t have them bouncing to the music.

Please try your tights and bend in front of a mirror to test their elasticity and transparency.

They should not be too tight on the crotch, that it leaves nothing to the onlookers imagination.

The fabric should be dense enough to conceal your cellulite and hide the orange peel effect.

Stick to darker colours if you tend to be on the heavier side…it makes you look slimmer.

If you want to look taller then opt for the full length narrow tights.

Make sure all your gym wear is high waisted, especially if you engage in a lot of bending and stretching…it’s appalling to display your crack.

If you choose strap tops over tee shirts make sure cleavage is not too much on display.

Lastly, invest in good sport bras. They are the closest things to your ‘sisters’ so remember, they help in preventing them from going south .

Have fun working out girlfriends and till my next blog xox.