Summer style is HOT

It’s so easy to complain about the sweltering heat , but look on the brighter side …here come the hot shorts dresses, cool tops , clogs and bright nail Polish.

Dressing should be easy and should feel confident of your attire. Maxis and flowing asymmetrical dresses are fashionable yet cooling. Fabrics are cotton & linen. Preferably loose and airy. Pastel  shades look wonderful.

Make Up should be light ..please wear sunscreen at least spf 30. Water based foundation, Slight highlighter on cheekbones , hint of pink blush for the day, mascara & lip gloss.
Night can have a water based foundation, darker blush, eyeshadow, mascara & lip gloss.

Footwear for the day is flats or slip ons…if you can wear clogs in neutral shades just great.
Night wear is all about comfort …avoid the bling …keep to clogs if you’re bar hopping.
If it is a dressy event peep toes or strappy tie ups with fringes are currently trending

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