The brighter side of life.

So many times we wallow in a depressed state of mind, feeling sorry for ourselves about the way things have panned out.

Life in general is not made to be perfect….but we can come close to making it so. All we need to do is believe in this simple word called ‘happiness‘.

Have you ever realised how we are blessed with a roof over our heads, food to fill our tummies,loving family, great friends ,good health ,beautiful children and the list goes on ….

There is no need to be unhappy when you learn to FOCUS on the positivity of the world around us. The more we think of the sad things around us, the more they manifest. The more they manifest the more powerful they become, and once they find your weak spot they reside within and depress you. 

So for many of you who think you are having it rough, think about the poor, homeless, needy, sick, downtrodden and old.

Aren’t you blessed already ! 

In trying to make this a better world , let’s consciously be better people, with a heart that feels for others. Every time you go to a restaurant pack some food for the hungry. Keep unused clothes ,shoes ,toys & water  in your car to give whoever  you might deem fit to recieve it. This feeling of giving is immense…trust me ….try it…stay blessed. 

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