The brighter side of life.

So many times we wallow in a depressed state of mind, feeling sorry for ourselves about the way things have panned out.

Life in general is not made to be perfect….but we can come close to making it so. All we need to do is believe in this simple word called ‘happiness‘.

Have you ever realised how we are blessed with a roof over our heads, food to fill our tummies,loving family, great friends ,good health ,beautiful children and the list goes on ….

There is no need to be unhappy when you learn to FOCUS on the positivity of the world around us. The more we think of the sad things around us, the more they manifest. The more they manifest the more powerful they become, and once they find your weak spot they reside within and depress you. 

So for many of you who think you are having it rough, think about the poor, homeless, needy, sick, downtrodden and old.

Aren’t you blessed already ! 

In trying to make this a better world , let’s consciously be better people, with a heart that feels for others. Every time you go to a restaurant pack some food for the hungry. Keep unused clothes ,shoes ,toys & water  in your car to give whoever  you might deem fit to recieve it. This feeling of giving is immense…trust me ….try it…stay blessed. 

Summer style is HOT

It’s so easy to complain about the sweltering heat , but look on the brighter side …here come the hot shorts dresses, cool tops , clogs and bright nail Polish.

Dressing should be easy and should feel confident of your attire. Maxis and flowing asymmetrical dresses are fashionable yet cooling. Fabrics are cotton & linen. Preferably loose and airy. Pastel  shades look wonderful.

Make Up should be light ..please wear sunscreen at least spf 30. Water based foundation, Slight highlighter on cheekbones , hint of pink blush for the day, mascara & lip gloss.
Night can have a water based foundation, darker blush, eyeshadow, mascara & lip gloss.

Footwear for the day is flats or slip ons…if you can wear clogs in neutral shades just great.
Night wear is all about comfort …avoid the bling …keep to clogs if you’re bar hopping.
If it is a dressy event peep toes or strappy tie ups with fringes are currently trending

The leading lady

You are your own star. The things that make you one, is an immense  belief in yourself. Why do we women get shaken when an untoward situation arises. To deal with this we got to understand ourselves first.
* You are a woman
* We are strong and don’t know it.
* We give birth thru so much pain.
* We educate ourselves to impart knowledge to the next generation .
* We make the next generation .
* Most of us start a family by leaving our parents home , that itself a new beginning.
* We constantly learn so that we can teach.

This is, by far, enough to give you  your sense of self worth. When others ask you what do u do ? Don’t get embarrassed. I feel very confident to tell them, I’m now a full time MOM . That, anyways feels like a 28 hour job with no pay ….but that feeling of knowing that your heart is full when you go to bed is unbeatable.

Nowadays…people seem to think it’s all about achievement. They mentally rate you .You can be an expert in a certain field, but at an interview most of us get intimidated by the other good looking  candidate. It’s sad, how ever so often, looks overtake academics . Someone once said ” talent can’t be spelt without T & A (Tits and ass )

To beat this ladies, the only weapon is  called confidence.

When I went for a job interview for Associate Director Sales, with one of the leading hotels, my hair was dyed orange.
I had to shoot for an ad campaign for a leading hair stylist at that time. I was in a real bad situation considering the time of events. When I arrived into a room full of formally dressed women …I got their eyes rolling. As my turn arrived ,  orange hair neatly braided up, the GM stared at me for about 3 minutes that seemed like an hour. That’s when I decided to wear my armour of confidence. After the relevant questions and qualifications review, he gently asked me about the hair . Still wearing the confidence, i smiled and said it will be normal in 2 days when my shoots was completed.
2 weeks Iater I  landed the job with hardly any F&B background ..but was so willing to learn and  confidence at its best, that I was hired .

So don’t ever forget this YOU ARE YOUR OWN LEADING LADY.

Confidence & being well groomed is a winning combination always.

Face to Base

As a gym enthusiast, I highly recommend everyone who excersises read this.

Ever so often, while you are doing your sets, you come face to Base with someone bending in front of you in transparent tights…ufff …that sight of thongs thru the tights are so damn embarrassing.
It’s throws the guys off concentration and leaves the ladies red-faced.

Ladies, when shopping for gym wear, there are a few points I’d like you to note.

Keep your inner clothes fitted as it holds your chest tight, so jumps and running doesn’t have them bouncing to the music.

Please try your tights and bend in front of a mirror to test their elasticity and transparency.

They should not be too tight on the crotch, that it leaves nothing to the onlookers imagination.

The fabric should be dense enough to conceal your cellulite and hide the orange peel effect.

Stick to darker colours if you tend to be on the heavier side…it makes you look slimmer.

If you want to look taller then opt for the full length narrow tights.

Make sure all your gym wear is high waisted, especially if you engage in a lot of bending and stretching…it’s appalling to display your crack.

If you choose strap tops over tee shirts make sure cleavage is not too much on display.

Lastly, invest in good sport bras. They are the closest things to your ‘sisters’ so remember, they help in preventing them from going south .

Have fun working out girlfriends and till my next blog xox.



What is it with people these days ? Everyone who enters our lives has a reason, and it’s not a good one all the time . Manipulative, discerning, unethical , and with no fear of God these people continue to disturb peace in others do they sleep at night ?

We can forgive & forget..but we don’t want the other person to forget that we forgave.

Getting on with Vendetta is easy…hit the gym…pamper yourself at the salon..paint your talons and look so absolutely gorgeous, that the one lowlife really feels bad that they have lost out on a true friend like you. Being a good person makes you beautiful inside and out .

All in all, keep your confidence up, as that raises you to an unbeatable advantage. Do not ever stoop to a level like them and bitch or gossip, it won’t make you feel any better…raise yourself above them.

‘When you earn your bread well ,there are a lot of them lining up to butter it’….be aware and stay clear .

In the end it’s not about you and them , but it’s about you and God.

True friends will stand by you thru thick and thin, and are always there for you to lean on, in good times and bad. They know your good side and your bad side , and still love you anyways …keep them safe and close to your heart…because this breed of nice ones are slowly going extinct.

Stay blessed and stay true to yourself, and the ones that matter most.



Getting the look right is all about simplicity and details. I never go wrong with black, as it’s an instant boost into classy mode for a Saturday night out.
This dress has intricate lace trimmings on the hem and shoulders, adding just the right amount of feminine needed to go from regular LBD ( little black dress ) to classic.

I’ve teamed this with a white and black Chanel clutch and a white TAG HEUER watch to set this classic contrast.

Hair is tied into a slick ponytail to enhance my height.
Minimalistic jewellery in solitaire earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet ….and you’re set to turn heads.




The feeling you get when you’re tying your hair in front of a mirror and you love the way your arms look….it certainly is pay back for all that sweat and hardwork at the gym.
As we women age, the concern is more focused on toning rather than building. The inner arm give away your age as fast as your neck and ladies ,even though biceps and  triceps seem like a man’s workout …lift them & curl them, 10 pounds without intimidation.
Size zero is totally not my number.

Keep your curves ladies , the 8 shape is the best . Good chest -thin waist- curvy hips will never go out of style…if you ever doubt this ….just ask the MEN !!

HAIR straight vs curls


How do we wear our style and when? Straight vs curls….is the question.
Do we plan our hairstyle first and then the outfit or the other way around…to me it really doesn’t matter because I’m a last minute dresser..on the other hand hair takes more time ..
So it all depends on each one of us ..personally you have to be comfortable with what you it your hair or clothes and off course party location ..
I’ve learnt thru experience having my straight hair stick to my lip gloss at a recent poolside sundowner. ..uffff…it’s was so irritating.
At a house party and curls for the evening…I was shocked to see how much cat fur stuck on to my hair…(8 cats on the sofa).I guess if it was straight it would have smoothly slipped away..this venue definitely has my hair in a bun the next time
Any party that’s situated at a breezy location should have your hair in a neat ponytail.
Indoors ,for a red carpet with a cocktail dress curls are my choice …it’s just adds that 60’s touch that I love so much…sweaty clubbing and  dancing I’d go for straight .
In the end , it’s just got to be comfortable personally for each of us to handle.

Most important, with any hairstyle, is to wear the right attitude and you’ve got a winner!



No one does it better than MAI SALON bandra Mumbai. The new Auburn and coffee colour blends so well with an olive complexion. 

Keeping your hair colour in mind to suit your wardrobe, at this salon they know your dressing style and give superb advise on the choice of hair tones.

Feeling new and refreshed.20160413_172635



Birthday look was classic…wore a beautiful antique pink satin corset with white high waisted jeans..accessorised with Gucci handbag and off course nothing makes me feel better than wearing an exquisite diamond neck piece .
Hair typically lightly curled and back comed for volume .
‘I was my own star that night….series regular is not in my lifes contract ‘